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Pop up and Interactive B2B Promotional Products galore

Whitney Woods has probably the most comprehensive range of pop-up and interactive B2B promotional products anywhere in the world and they are all showcased right here on this website.

We have catalogued the products in a way that should make them easy for you to find. We have also tried to make it easy for you to understand the potential uses for these promotional products - check out our product categories guide.

All Whitney Woods' promotional products are made of and / or paper, and are printed and hand finished in the UK.

They are all designed to have a level of built-in customer interaction in order to create the buzz that is necessary to make a successful promotional product.

Hand Made in the UK

Product Categories Guide

Find out about our product categories in more detail...

Promotional Products

The first selection on the navigation bar is "Promotional Products". More specifically, the title really refers to promotional products for business with a particular emphasis on B2B uses. Our products have been put to all kinds of promotional uses for business. Product launches, sales promotions and product update announcements are regular features for our pop-ups and interactive mailers, for example.

Promotional Marketing Products

Another selection on the navigation bar introduces our products as "Marketing Products", so what's the difference between marketing products and promotional products? Well, it's designed to give our visitors the chance to find us. Try putting "promotional products" into Google. It will come up with millions of options. The same applies to a lesser degree with "marketing products". However, we have tried to be more specific and have selected certain items as being suited to a definite type of marketing. For example, Little Big Cards are recommended as being suitable as a guerrilla marketing product. Flicker cards are recommended for brand marketing; Face Masks for ambient marketing and Pop up Boxes for buzz marketing.

Dimensional Marketing Products

Dimensional marketing products get their own spot on the navigation bar as they are a quite specific genre. The success that dimensional mailers have experienced in generating business to business direct marketing results is quite phenomenal and is very well documented by various internet sources. It is because of that prowess that we feel that the category of dimensional marketing products deserves navigation bar status. Another reason is that it will help web searchers to find all things pertaining to B2B dimensional marketing.

Direct Mail Products

The fact that all of our promotional products are made out of paper and board and that they all life flat makes them instantly suitable for use as business to business direct mail products. However, it is the high level of customer interaction that makes them proven winners when it comes to generating direct mail response. All products in the Direct Mail products section offer some form of customer interaction to grab and keep hold of your customer's attention but there are some particularly obvious examples. Picture Dissolve products involve the customer in a push and pull action. Starbursts open with such an ingenious folding display that your customer opens the product time and again but perhaps the best example of all is the Interloop Mailer which your customer will find almost impossible to resist turning over and over and over again.

Event Marketing

Events marketing products have a position on the navigation bar because of the diverse nature of each promotional product. From a searchers point of view, there are so many different types of promotions for events that a Google search of "Events Marketing" is too vague with millions of answers. "Ideas for events invitations" is a much more fruitful search and in this section we list ideas for events invites, agendas, giveaways, floor plans and any other type of event publicity that you might require.

Drinks Marketing

The liquor marketing products section is probably an unusual one for this website as liquor promotions are almost always retail promotions, rather than business to business promotions as is the case with most of our promotional products. However, the fact that nearly all on-bottle promotions are printed on paper or card means that they sit well with our production methods and, just as with the rest of our promotional products, we have some fantastic and innovative new ideas for this area of marketing. Products such as Bottle Bows, Bottle Balls and the Collar and Tie add a new area of creativity to the arena of alcoholic drinks marketing.

Pop-up Products

The website wouldn't be complete without a section showcasing automatic pop-up mailers. The Whitney Woods name has become synonymous with rubber band powered promotional products with automatic pop-up action. After our company name, Whitney Woods, and the generic term "Pop-up Mailers", searches for individual pop-up products such as Pop-up Cube, Pop-up Box and Pop-up Ball are amongst the highest ranking visitor searches.

Pocket Guides

Pocket sized guides and pocket sized promotional products are amongst some of the most popular items in our whole range. The compact size of these items makes them easy to fit in a pocket, wallet, purse or handbag and it is that simple fact which makes customers hold on to them. Pocket sized promotions are so much more successful than leaflets and flyers which are often thrown away without a glance. However, it is their eminent suitability for printing as maps, street plans and floor plans that makes so many of these promotional products such a hit with the tourism industry.

Advantages of Cardboard Products over plastic Promotional Products

The products featured in our dimensional marketing section work out very favourably when compared against many promotional products, such as plastic desk tidies, that are used in dimensional mailing campaigns. You have to bear in mind the cost of purchasing the particular promotional products, the cost of mailing the item and the limitations in the customized print that is available on the product.

Latest News

Pocket Poppits Launch a Success in UK

Our great new range of Pocket Poppits cards has proved to be a hit in the UK. The range features a selection of credit-card and A7-sized products that fit neatly into a pocket or handbag and each one is perfect for use as a pocket guide. Extensive research has proved that visitors hold on to pocket-sized products.

They have proved to be particularly popular within the Leisure and Tourism industries. Chosen by Capitol Region Tourism as part of its program to promote golf's Ryder Cup Competition at Celtic Manor, Regional Strategy Director, Peter Cole, said," The Foldilocks helped to reinforce positive messages about Wales so that the "home team" could win on and off the course"

Each of the products offers a different attention-grabbing display on opening which gives extra emphasis to your particular promotion. They all come ready-packed in free counter display units which has proved to be a very popular move for Tourism Offices.

Top 5 - Popular products

  1. Cube
  2. Pop-Up Cube
  3. Jumpinjax
  4. Dissolvers
  5. House

Look who's talking...

"It was nice to deal with a straight-talking company who were helpful, always on-hand, delivered on time and to the highest quality possible. The pop up cubes are an ingenious design and were well received by Burger King and made a great invite, different from the normal run of the mill card."

John Lownes
Brand Ink


"I found Whitney Woods staff professional, friendly and responsive and most importantly they delivered to a very tight deadline.Their Pop-up cube was used as the invitation to the launch of the new Ramada Ireland hotel group in Dublin and Belfast. The invitation worked very well and received a lot of positive feedback from the invitees. Ramada International for the US where so impressed with the invitations they demonstrated them at a European conference in Germany."

Stephen Broad 
Account Director


"We found Whitney Woods really extremely responsive and easy to deal with. Whilst working on one of our largest client accounts we were required to manage a direct mail campaign. Our client was so pleased with the success they sent the following feedback."

"Thanks guys - just to let you know the feedback on the cube mailing is extremely good. We had anticipated a 1% response on customers signing up online. Our objective was to strive for 1.5 - 3 %, however, I think my faith in creative design is restored as we have current figures showing a 9.6% uptake on the offer with new accounts opened and being used on a regular basis."

Gemma Garrad Account Manager Be Creative Brighton