Add Fireworks to Direct Mail – Bespoke and Unusual Marketing Ideas

Add Surprise and Action to Direct Mail with Unusual Marketing Ideas

Add Surprise and Action to Direct Mail with Unusual Marketing Ideas

This week Guy Fawkes celebrations will be taking place which turned my mind to the fact that by adding a pop up action and surprise to direct mail it works much better for you. All the pop up products are sent out compressed and spring out with energy as soon as released. This action itself is attention-grabbing at its very best – add your novelty bespoke element and you have a direct mail piece that will create as memorable an impact as any Firework Display.


Jack in a Box Mailer

I remember as a child standing by the window waiting with excitement and anticipation as my Father lit the fireworks and enjoying the ones that had the pretty designs. Just as with fireworks your direct mail needs to be effective and remembered and to achieve this you need memorable and unusual marketing ideas. One such piece is the Jack in a Box Mailer which is delightful and very eye-catching indeed. You choose your design of die-cut piece and add your artwork to the connecting popup cubes and wrap and hey presto you have a unique and bespoke marketing idea.


Jumpinjax – Four in One Idea

The Jumpinjax is one of my favourite products – this is because it never fails to raise a smile and create a talking point. Whatever you need your Jumpinjax for it is one of the most unusual marketing ideas for direct mail and event invitations and give-aways. The Key factor with this product is that four small cubes are compressed within the mailing wrap and they bounce out one after another grabbing maximum attention every time. You can have one or two message cards which gives you plenty of print area for your marketing communication.


Spring Into Action – Spring Box

Similar to the Jumpinjax this is a mini-me. Also having four cubes compressed into the mailer in this case the mailer is your print area. Equalling in surprise to the two marketing ideas mentioned above a Spring Box will deliver your message with plenty of bounce and action. Best selling corporate promotional gifts for any occasion.


Have I tempted you for your next direct mail campaign? If I have and you want to see samples you can visit popupmailers too where you can see more information and chat on line to our team