Attention-Grabbing Bottleneck Advertising for Drinks Marketing

Attention-Grabbing Bottleneck Advertising - The Bottle Banner

Drink and liquor marketing is easy with bottleneck advertising products that catch the eye of consumers and increase your sales.  The trick is to use creative and unusual bottle hangers that not only ensure a first purchase but encourage brand loyalty as well.  Here are just three of my favourite bottleneck advertising ideas:


Bottle Banner – Huge Display waves to Consumers

Almost like a flag waving to your customers the Bottle Banner is the largest bottle collar in our range and has a great print area for your drinks marketing message. It fits snugly around your bottlenecks and is very eye-catching indeed; your bottles stand out amongst the crowd and end up in shopping trolleys in no time at all. By designing your bottleneck advertising Bottle Banner with bold colours you give an extra dimension to your advertising campaign that will reap rewards for you.


Bottle Hangers – Many different varieties

With Bottle Hangers you can have great fun choosing your bespoke shape and design to complement your drinks marketing promotion. You may prefer a simple custom-shaped single hanger or a mini brochure style bottle neck advertising Gateway Hanger. Either way; slipping your bottle hangers over your bottle necks attracts great attention and makes any type of drinks marketing campaign flow.  Successful custom shapes have included – lemon shaped, grape shaped, beach shaped and a palm tree shape – the list is endless for possibilities.


New Kid on the Block – Dissolving Picture Hanger

Regular customers or regular readers of my blog will be aware of the Picture Dissolvers and the design team here have introduced the changing image style to the bottleneck advertising range. A bottle hanger that your customer has to pull a tab to see a changing image is very interactive so after initial interest they find the product very amusing indeed and your message hits the spot. Samples of this new product are available now.


Drinks Marketing at Christmas? Bottleneck Advertising Works!

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