Attention-Grabbing Charity Marketing Products to make Fund Raising Fun

Collection Tins to Raise the Roof - Pop up Houses

In the current economic climate your charity marketing needs to work in order to keep donations flooding in.  Competition for hard-earned cash has never been as much which is why you need to have charity marketing and fund raising products that grab attention – and contributions. Money Boxes make fund raising fun and here today I have highlighted are some ideas to help your fund raising cause.  If you wish to see samples or chat to our team live on line see popupmailers.


Home Counties Money Box

The Pop up House collection tins are novel and so unusual that they attract attention immediately. Compressed into a mailing wrap they erupt and spring into shape as soon as released which is great fun and lays the best foundations for any charity marketing or fund raising campaign.  The house shape lends itself perfectly to fund raising appeals about home comforts; hospitals and hospices, children’s charities and such.


Pyramid – Manual Assembly Charity Marketing

The pyramid shaped cardboard money boxes are very attractive indeed and due to their unique shape they are very eye-catching indeed.  Holding lots of coins and notes your customised fund raising pyramid will soon have pockets and purses emptied and your charity marketing targets easier to achieve.  Making your find raising appeals and charity campaigns fun is the best way to keep your cause in every ones thoughts.


Box Clever with a Pop up Cube  

The Pop up Cube charity box is a recent addition to the charity marketing products range but is gaining a good reputation for attracting attention and effective extraction of coins and notes. The Pop up Cube is compressed into a mailer and springs free like the Pop up House and is another produce to make fund raising fun.