Automatic Pop Up Products – Action packed fun for Christmas

Christmas time is probably the most appropriate time of year to send a light-hearted, fun promotional product to your customers. Whether the promotional mailer is sent to publicize a Christmas event or it is to be sent as a Christmas greeting the main point remains the same – the product needs to stand out and be noticed and if possible it should also engender a good feeling. Our range of automatic pop-up products ticks all the boxes!

There are many very versatile shapes in the range which lend themselves to Christmas promotions. Pop up products such as the pop-up cube and pop-up cuboids are easily transformed into Christmas gift boxes by using good graphic design. The Sideshooter is an auto-extender which can be designed with great effect as a Christmas cracker. Our pop-up pyramid becomes a pop-up Christmas tree in the hands of a creative graphic designer. Pop-up Christmas decorations are easily made from our pentagonal, hexagonal and heptagonal products such as the pop-up snowflake, the Hexapop and the pop-up diamond. And if you’re thinking of Santa’s Grotto then nothing fits the bill better than our pop-up house.

It doesn’t have to be just about fun as these versatile and interactive pop-up products can also be transformed into desk top products such as pen holders and calendars. Pop up cubes make excellent pen holders and desk calendars at the same time but if you prefer to be more traditional – we do a pop up pen pot that looks exactly like a pen pot and this, too, can be printed as a desk calendar.

However, not all of our automatic pop-up products are standalone shapes. Some come in surprise packs such as the Jumpinjax and the Springbox and these are both terrific fun at Christmas. Both products pack a big surprise as four cubes literally jump out of the pack as soon as it is opened which creates great fun in the office! Both products have been extremely successful as Christmas invitations – to parties, dinners, events and in one case last year – a pantomime!

All in all, automatic pop-ups are very much in keeping with Christmas promotions offering a laugh, a smile and a surprise whilst also delivering your Christmas message in a fashion that is bound to be well received by your customers.

Pop up snowflake