B2B Christmas Gifts – Here’s our Top Ten Ideas

promotional desktop calendar with pop up action

Pop up Balls – B2B Christmas gifts – design as calendar or pen pot

There is still time (just) to design and send those all-important B2B Christmas Gifts.

Still need inspiration and ideas? Here are our Top Ten ideas:

  • Pop up Cube Calendar – your bespoke pop up cube with a printed calendar leaps from the mailing wrap and advertises for a full year
  • Pop up Ball Pen Pot – bounces from the mailer and sits on desks for a long time
  • 3D Pop up Card – make an impact with a card that stands out from the crowd Parallelogram Card  
  • Sticky Notes and Pads – send a customised desktop tool and raise a smile
  • Red Reveal Products – create an air of mystery with a secret message
  • Pop up Gems – complete with metallic string these unique pop up shapes can be hung up as decorations too
  • Dissolve Tent Card – changing image on one side for an entertaining and interactive B2B Christmas Gift idea
  • 3D Pop up Cube Card – bespoke and amusing pop up box within a card
  • Jumpinjax – joyful and creative mini cubes pop out when released
  • Pop up Pyramid – unusual shape can be depicted as a Christmas tree

These are just a small selection of ideas from the Whitney Woods Emporium


Our team are eager to help you to choose and produce your bespoke B2B Christmas Gifts – you can make initial contact via telephone, e-mail or live chat during UK office hours too!

And don’t forget we can even post your items for you too – we offer mailing services to save you time and money!

Pop up Cube – Perfect for calendar or pen pot