Blue Monday? Forget about that and add some Creativity to your Marketing Projects Instead

Red Reveal - For Marketing Project s with an air of Mystery

Lets ignore Blue Monday blues and concentrate on positive and uplifting marketing projects instead. Raising a smile and impressing your customers and prospects is easy if you add entertainment and flair to your marketing mix.  Let’s punch Blue Monday in the face and add creativity and surprise for the perfect marketing recipe. Here are three favourites of mine from the business marketing products.

Blue? How about Red Instead – Red Reveal Reader Card

The Red Reveal direct marketing Reader Card has an air of mystery, is very interactive and can be used to tease your customers and prospects with message cards sent at staged intervals.  The key element for your marketing projects here is that a scrambled up ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’ message is mailed to generate curiosity , but simply by  inserting the message card into the Red Reveal window your  message appears as if by magic. This high interaction with your customers and prospects will make the Red Reveal Reader your chosen product for your marketing projects this year.

Colourful Sunny Bursts of Promotional Print

An absolute favourite of mine and perfect to knock your Blue Monday blues away is the  Circular Starburst; ideal for corporate branding. This is ideal for grabbing attention to your marketing projects with a burst of colour and brightness . Opening up like a flower coming into bloom this shape is impressive and raises a smile every time.  Ticking all the boxes and a million miles away from Blue Monday blues the Circular Starburst certainly will add some creativity to your marketing projects for 2015.

Spring is not that Far away – Spring Box Fun

It really won’t be too long before little baby lambs are bounding around in the fields. The Spring Box corporate promotional gifts format reminds me of that picture and adds a little creativity to your marketing projects with a popup action.  two small cubes are compressed into the outer and when release they jump out free when least expected.  Grabbing maximum focus to your marketing message makes them a joy to work with and banish those Blue Monday thoughts.

Add all-round creativity for successful marketing projects