Boost Your Charity Marketing Donations with Unusual and Attention-Grabbing Designs

Boost your Charity Marketing with Pop up Money BoxesHow can you make sure that your charity is getting the attention it deserves and the donations too? Competing for those contributions is getting harder and harder  as people manage their budgets more tightly these days.  This is why television campaigns and advertising is used by bigger charities to  enforce their message and gain extra money. But what about smaller charities who want to keep initial outlay to a minimum but need to raise the profile of their fund-raising? Unusual and attention-grabbing designs of charity marketing literature and eye-catching money boxes may be just what you are looking for.

Money Box with Extra Pop

Cardboard money charity boxes don’t need to be boring and plain and to boost your charity marketing donations you need bespoke brightly printed pop up money boxes to increase your profile easily. The pop up money boxes come in three shapes and all have the key element of gaining maximum attention immediately with unusual and attention-grabbing designs.  My favourite is the pop up house money box because it is so novel and quirky but there is also the cube and cuboid to choose from. These pop up money boxes are sent out compressed and they spring free as soon as released when least expected much to the delight of your target audience. They create that all important talking point about YOUR charity or fundraising campaign and start to empty pockets and purses too.

Self-Assembly Money Boxes – A Wise Choice

Whilst the pop up money boxes are the most unusual and attention-grabbing due to the surprise feature you shouldn’t underestimate the cardboard money boxes that are self-assemble.  Coming in the traditional cuboid shape, a prestigious pyramid shape and the recently added house shape there are three to choose from.  Being both sturdy and unusual your charity marketing donations should soon flood in and enhance your charity and fundraising appeal.


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