Bottle Collars and Collarettes – Immediately Visible Marketing Tools

Bottle Collarettes – Immediately Visible Marketing

Bottle collars and collarettes as they are also known are marketing tools that grab immediate attention and are especially useful when promoting  a new product or a specific bottle promotion or competition.

Immediately visible on the bottle when on the shelf these promotional ideas attract curiosity and then once purchased they are removed – and since the printed bottle collars sometimes hang around long after the bottle contents have been used making them perfect advertising ideas.

They are a popular marketing tool for alcoholic drinks promotions, because they fit snugly around the neck of wine and spirit bottles. We have fairly simple designs like the Bottle Cone and more complex mini brochure styles like the Bottle Foldilocks.

And that’s not all – there is a perfect design for using on beer, non-alcoholic drinks, milk or sauce bottles too. These promotional ideas can also be used as marketing tools for domestic and industrial cleaning products and spray gun bottles.

Choosing the right bottle collars for your promotion is easy and our team are here to advise and guide you all the way. With a minimum order quantity of just 250 units and a 2 week turnaround we have many satisfied clients and many repeat orders due to the success.

So whether you want to get “saucy” with food products or use bottle collars for the perfect marketing “cocktail mix” for alcoholic drinks promotions we’d love to hear from you.


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