Bottle Collars – Effective Promotional Tools

Bottle Cone – Just one of the Bottle Collars range we produce

So many of our clients benefit from using bottle collars in their retail promotions and I thought you may do too.  By using bottle neck promotional tools you don’t need to change any product packaging and you don’t even need any extra retail space.

Most importantly you can easily influence your consumers at the most critical point of purchase. Any bottles with bottle collars, tags or hangers will always attract attention immediately, be picked up and almost always end up in the shopping trolley or basket.

Whatever shape or style of bottle you have we offer a huge selection of standard bottle collars; however we can and do create bespoke options too! The Bottle Cone is the most popular one we produce because it has an all-round 360 degree display, is easy to pop onto a bottle neck  – and it works! We produce millions and millions every year. From this fairly simple but effective design we have mini brochure styles of bottle neckers too.

You may be running a Competition or offering rewards for future purchases and you may require something more complex like the Bottle Foldilocks.  Whatever your campaign or bottle promotion is we can help with a marketing solution to get you cheering. These mini brochures have lots of print area and are often kept long after the bottle contents have gone too.

Working with us is easy too – we have a team of friendly staff to take your initial enquiry and take you through the mixing process of samples – quotes – ordering – printing and production!

So how to get in touch?  You can telephone or e-mail the team or you can even chat live online during UK office hours too!

Hope to hear from you to start your perfect recipe for a cocktail mix of effective promotional tools.


Bottle Foldilocks – Mini Brochures for Bottles