Bottle Promotions Need Attention-Grabbing Bottle Collars

Bottle Dissolve - Attention-Grabbing Idea for Bottle Promotions

Your bottle promotions will get noticed if you add attractive and attention-grabbing bottle collars to them.  Making your bottles stand out amongst the crowd is easy with creative and easy to use bottle dressing ideas.  Coming in a variety of styles and options there is one perfect for your drinks marketing campaign or on-bottle advertising at conferences and events.

C’heres to Success

The dissolving picture range is so popular that it was a natural progression for this moving picture option to be used on a drink promotions and bottle promotions format.  The Bottle Dissolve is a recent addition and is proving to be very popular due to its attractive style and interactivity.  The Bottle Dissolve slips over your bottle necks in seconds and catches the eye of consumers easily.  The moving picture design is playful and enforces your bottle promotions message ultimately increasing your sales.

Swatch this One

The Bottle Swatch design is extremely popular and has been successful on many occasions for marketing sports drinks.  You will be familiar with a swatch design in the textile industry and the Bottle Swatch is similar in design but with printed cards instead of material. A strong eyeleted product that slips easily over the bottle neck and can be removed and kept for future reference too.

Let’s Dress Up Bottle Collar and Tie

The Collar and Tie is one of the Top 5 drinks promotion ideas and is a simple but very effective design. Wrapping around the bottle neck snugly just like a collar and tie this bottle promotions format is very attractive indeed and very eye-catching.  It is easy to fix around the bottle neck simply slotting into place and going to work straight away as one of the best attention-grabbing bottle collars  around.

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