Bottle Promotions and Drinks Marketing Products with Extra Fizz

The Bottle Dissolve - Changing Image for Bottle Promotions

Putting extra fizz into your bottle promotions and drinks marketing is easy with unusual and attention-grabbing bottle collars and tags. Fitting snugly around your bottle-necks the striking bottle dressing ideas are eye-catching and promote much consumer attention.

Interactive Moving Image Bottle Dissolve


This bottle and drink promotions product has 2 interchanging images. It fits snugly around bottle necks and when removed it is very interactive since by pulling a card your picture changes. For any drinks marketing campaigns it is a perfect design to grab extra attention and extra fizz. Often removed and shown to others this design is a great way to promote brand loyalty and increase sales.  The perfect cocktail mix for any bottle promotions and drinks marketing is the combination of attracting attention – and keeping it.

Tower of Strength for Bottle Promotions

The Bottle Tower wine marketing option is a design which has four straight sides sloping inwards towards the bottle neck sitting snugly on the bottleneck. This particular shape of bottle collar is a long-established and traditional product that is tried and tested and very popular indeed for drinks marketing and bottle promotions. You can add a little extra pizzazz and attention grabbing novelty to them with jiggle eyes  or wobbly bits to create even more dimension and fun to a marketing promotion.


Bottle Tags – It’s a Wrap

Almost like gift tags the bottle tags for soft drinks and liquor marketing come in many different shapes and sizes and you can even custom-shape yours to reflect your current drinks marketing campaign. Supplied with metallic string they slip over the bottle neck in seconds and look appealing; catching the attention of consumers amongst other bottles on the shelves.


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