Brand Marketing Solutions – Grab Attention and Keep It

Pop up Boxes for Brand Marketing Solutions

Thinking outside the box and creating brand marketing solutions that your customers will keep is great fun with pop up boxes. You choose your style of pop up boxes, you create your attention grabbing graphics and leave the rest to us.  We produce your innovative pop up boxes for your brand marketing solutions and we can even post them out for you too.

Pop up Box –  The Surprise is Instant

Designing your bespoke pop up box is enjoyable for you but not half as much as when your customer receives it and it leaps out from its mailer and into shape right before their eyes.  Mailed out compressed  your pop up boxes deliver your marketing message in a novel and attention-grabbing way. This is why they are brand marketing solutions you need to add to your arsenal of marketing tactics.

Four -in -One – Pop up Boxes  

The Jumpinjax is always well received and has been part of many brand marketing solutions campaigns involving the number four. Four stars, four new additions to products, seasonal – four quarters – the list of options is endless.  You certainly grab attention and keep it with the Jumpinjax as it is such a novel design.  The four cubes are compressed into the sleeve and jump out as soon as released.  This is a delightful experience and a most memorable one too.

Make Sure it gets There

So you have chosen your pop up boxes for your brand marketing solutions and it is all systems go.  You now need to ensure that your target audience get them.  We have a Mailing House mail by hand here too and our experts can clean up your data and hand-enclose your pop up boxes  and send them on their way for you.

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