Charity Marketing Projects? Need to Raise Your Profile and Increase Donations?


Charity Marketing Projects Made Easy with
The Foldilocks Card

In current times it is getting increasingly difficult to ensure that your charity or fundraising appeal gets the profile and donations it needs. Just last night whilst watching a TV Drama there were three charity appeals in the advert break. So how can you enhance your charity marketing projects and get those donations flooding in? With attention-grabbing, informative  and memorable products.

Foldilocks Card – Locks in Interest  

The Foldilocks Card small brochure  is a concertina folding product with plenty of print area for charity marketing projects.  We recently produced a Foldilocks Card for a high profile charity and they were extremely pleased with feedback. Our brief was to come up with a products that was neat and compact / easy to distribute / have enough space to portray all the important information. Bingo! The Foldilocks Card fit the bill perfectly.


Prism Card – Shining Light on Charity Marketing

Here is a product that has also worked well for charity marketing projects and fundraising appeals. This is a counter-top or desk-top display piece that can carry your appeal, increase your profile and donations too.  You can print a calendar on your bespoke Prism Card to ensure that your  fund raising and charitable causes stay in the minds of your targets audience.


Money Box Magic

You can play your cards right with either of the above cards or you can add a little magic with a charity box in the form of a cardboard money box. Everyone recognises a money box but have you seen the pop -up collection boxes?  These are compressed into a wrap and spring free as soon as released. Grabbing attention immediately and not only raising a smile but raising your profile and contributions too.  Choosing from a cube, a cuboid or a house-shape the pop up money boxes make light work of charity marketing projects.

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