Desk Calendars – Get your Brand Noticed

Pop up Ball - Desk Calendar for all year round markeitng

Pop up Ball – Desk Calendar for all year round markeitng

As we enter another new year why not make your marketing products gifts that will carry on working for a long time? Desk-top gifts serve as a constant reminder of your company details and a desk calendar is the perfect start for your 2016 marketing campaign.  Here are just a few from the business marketing products range of desk calendars we produce:


Desk Calendar with Extra Pop

A Pop up Ball is a perfect way to round up your customers and prospects in 2016. These desk calendars are sent out compressed into a mailing wrap with a tear-off strip that we call a zippalope. As soon as the wrap is opened the Pop up desk calendar erupts springing into shape. This is attention-grabbing at its best; it raises a smile and creates a talking point too. Then for twelve months at least your company logo and contact details are visible every working day.


Desk Dissolve – Moving Picture Calendar

Interaction always promotes reaction and the dissolve desk calendars are marketing products with a moving picture on one side and you can print a calendar on the other side. The tent-shaped business desk calendar sits perfectly on desks and work stations providing a valuable desk-top tool all year round. With open plan offices being ever more common these days the back of the calendar with the dissolve picture is equally impressive.


Push up Desk Calendar and Pen Pot

The Push up Pen Pals are marketing products with a dual purpose – you incorporate a printed calendar into your design and create desk calendars that are pen pots too. Sent out flat they are easily erected in seconds and soon put to work all the while promoting your company details every working day. We find that these pen pots are kept long after the calendar has run out!


Samples are free and can be requested at popupmailers