Desk-top Advertising will Keep Your Company in Focus

Pop up Cubes with Pen Holes make Pen Pot Sense

Pop up Cubes with Pen Holes make Pen Pot Sense

Advertising with desk-top products will keep your company in focus and  generate extra interest. Pen pots, for instance are a great way to send desk-top advertising messages that will stay on desks and work-stations for a long time indeed. Every customer and prospective that you have will use a pen or a pencil every working day so why not give them a “gift” of a pen pot?

Pop up Cube with Pen Holes

The Pop up Cube is a terrific product in its’ own right but add pen holes and you have a dice-shaped pen pot that is a safe bet every time.  We recommend the 85mm and 95 mm cubes for pen holes. Sent out compressed into mailing wraps they generate interest from the moment they land in the post tray. Springing free as soon as opened with energy they create a talking point immediately and then go on to work hard for you for a long time.

Roof-Top Desk-top Advertising 

Quirky and cute a Pop up House is ideal for attracting attention and is perfect for you to design with pen holes in the roof too. Desk-top advertising with a Pop up House will add a touch of cute-ness and eye-catching novelty to your promotions.  The Popup House comes in three sizes, all of which are enclosed inside a mailing wrap for posting or issuing to your customers and prospects.

Hexagonal Manual Pen Pal

The Pen Pal in a manual format is sent or issued flat and is easily erected in seconds.  Grabbing maximum attention as your customers and prospects assemble it makes a perfect desk-top advertising product. The manual pen pots hexagonal come in a few shapes and the square one even has a header card option too for extra print space for your marketing message.

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