Why Dimensional Mail? To Generate Increased Response Rates and Interest

Dimensional Mail Grabs Attention and Increases Response Rates

Dimensional mail really is the best way to strengthen brand awareness and impress your target audience. Sending  your customers and prospects something in a chunky mailing wrap that is novel and cannot be ignored and classed as “junk” is the best way to generate increased response rates easily.  Mail that isn’t flat and boring creates curiosity and intrigue and a little excitement too and is a real pleasure to receive.


Give Extra Oomph to Dimensional Mail

Using the dimensional mail direct mail ideas format with chunky mailers containing compressed pop up marketing products works and gives your advertising extra oomph too.  Arriving in your customers and prospects mail trays these dimensional mailers simply beg to be opened.  When they are and a pop up product springs free you always gain maximum attention to your marketing message. This captivating focus is often widened to colleagues and co-workers since these products are shared with others due to their novel design.


Interactive Dimensional Mailers

By interactive  I mean the chunky dimensional mailing wraps that contain interactive mailers with cardboard engineering and playful marketing products rather than the pop up designs. There are extending ideas, hidden message ideas, push up pen pots and many more all guaranteed to generate increased response rates.  You choose your design and work with a dedicated Account manager here from start to finish and send your target audience dimensional mail that works.



For more dimensional mail ideas to generate increased response rates or to chat to our on-line advisors or order FREE samples see popupmailers business communication products