Direct Mail vs Digital – Better for Brand Recall

Flicker Cards – Aid Brand Recall and are browsed through again and again

Brand recall is approximately 70% higher among participants exposed to a direct mail piece than a digital advertisement. Easier to digest and more memorable a direct mail piece can be picked up again and again and referred to at a later date too.

Selecting the perfect interactive direct mail piece is vital – What do you want to say? How can you portray your message best? Fear not, the Whitney Woods team are here to help and advise you to make sure your brand recall campaign is a success every time.

Choosing from extending cards, pop up products, unusual folds and playful direct mail pieces you can let us take the strain and guide you through the process from initial conception to fruition. You design your artwork and we get to work to produce your bespoke, attention-grabbing items. We can, if you are a UK customer mail your marketing products for you too!

We believe that digital advertising and social media platforms have their place but you cannot dismiss the effectiveness of direct mail. Just like the e-readers have not completely replaced the need to hold and read a good book, direct mail is here to stay too.

Don’t just take our word for it though – here is a comment from a very satisfied repeat customer:

Whitney Woods offered very innovative printing solutions for our client that allowed us to develop the story telling of the brand. The first two creative formats selected (Flicker cards & Pop up cards) helped us to achieve our objective of enlarging the target audience of our message and creating attention with a printed support both explaining the message and being an experience by itself (nobody can open a pop up card without reading it!). Moreover, we used this type of format to meet our agency philosophy making the target a media that conveys our message – When receiving our flyers, no doubt they talked about it and showed it to colleagues… By mixing a strong creative approach to such formats, we helped the brand to raise awareness for its Employee Benefits Solutions & gain in terms of sympathy capital. The quality of service delivering was meeting our expectations and we were very satisfied of this collaboration.”

 NILS CLEWORTH – Senior Consultant – Vanksen 

Getting in touch is easy too – you can e-mail the team, call the team or chat to the team live via the website during UK office hours: whitneywoods