Drinks Marketing Promotions? Marketing Wines and Spirits?

Top-per Choice for Marketing Wines and Spirits

Well anything in bottles in fact can benefit from attention-grabbing and eye-catching bottle collars, hangers and tags.  We have everything from wrap around the bottle style to simple bottle tags. Some of the drinks marketing promotions range are tried and tested and need pretty much no introduction whereas others are novel and unusual to say the least and these are the ones I am chatting about here today:


Bottle  Dissolve – Changing Images

The Bottle Dissolve drinks promotions idea has two interchanging pictures. As the song goes, a picture paints a thousand words and your message is conveyed easily and with a novelty value too. The dissolving picture element has made the natural transition from working effectively in marketing and direct mail formats to featuring in drinks marketing promotions as a bottle hanger. Sitting on the bottle neck it attracts interest and then is very interactive gaining maximum focus.


Bottle Topper – It’s a Corker!

Here is a new addition to the drinks marketing promotions range and one with an attitude too. The Bottle Topper not only offers plenty of room for your promotional print, it gives a 3D display that cannot be missed.  Supplied ready to put together and pop on bottles in seconds  it cannot be missed as it sits on bottles on the shelves and grabs attention to your drink campaigns.


Bottle Sleeve – Wrap Around Style

This style of Bottle Sleeve can be fully customised to meet your requirements and match your drinks marketing promotions perfectly.  The style featured on our website shows a hand and this was designed for a customer who wanted a product for a new bottled beer launch.  You can create your own wrap-around style for your bottles and have a really quirky and unusual form of drink and bottle promotional tool.

For more ideas for cork-popping marketing wines and spirits and bottle marketing see popupmailers