Think outside the box for box-shaped promotional marketing ideas

All of our 3-D pop-up shapes have a special mechanism which offers an extremely important ingredient to the marketing mix.  The internal rubber band which powers these interactive marketing products means that the 3D shape can be compressed flat, making each advertising product absolutely perfect for a direct mail marketing campaign. You can get the impact of sending a tangible and tactile product which will spark your customers’ interest, but without the expense of mailing a large and heavy package.


Each box shaped promotional pop up item starts life as a blank sheet of card giving you a totally empty canvas for you to fill with your creative marketing ideas! The different shapes lend themselves to many variations and promotional ideas. Despite the versatility of these shapes many advertisers still see nothing more than something shaped like a box. However, with the right graphics and a bit of a tweak the box shaped promotional product can become a bus or a van!

If the basic shape still looks like nothing other than a piece of box shaped advertising merchandise, even the least creative amongst us will be able to see that it could easily become a pop up fridge, a box of cereal, a pat of butter, a telephone box or a washing machine! This box-shaped promotional product group is very versatile.

3D promotional pop up box