Why Choose Dimensional Direct Mail?

Dimensional Direct Mail – Flicker Card

What makes a good piece of direct mail? What has a much greater impact and gets your message across? Dimensional direct mail is the answer to both these questions. Sending something physical that your customers can play with creates a memorable experience.  Almost always shared with colleagues and co-workers a dimensional direct mail piece creates a talking point and gets your company noticed.



Flicker Card – Interactive and Amusing 

The Flicker Card is a very amusing dimensional direct mail piece and sort of a mini brochure style.  Coming in both A5 and DL sizes the inner section panels fold over as your customer pulls the card which is why we call it a Flicker Card.  With a large print area on the covers and lots of print area on the inner sections this is ideal for your dimensional direct mail platform.  Keeping your target audiences’ hands busy means that your customer digests your message and your dimensional mail is much more effective.


Pop up Pyramid – Pops up and Adds Prestige to your Marketing  

A Pop up Pyramid is dimensional direct mail with the surprising element of springing into shape right before your eyes. Compressed into a mailer the Pop up Pyramid  springs into shape when least expected which always gains maximum focus immediately and creates a memorable impact. You can extend your advertising time greatly too by adding pen holes to one face of the pyramid. Transforming your dimensional direct mail piece into a desk-top piece is a marketing tactic that works.


Push and Pull – Push up your Promotion and Pull in Response Rates

The Push and Pull is a dimensional direct mail idea that almost triples from its original size giving you a great print area for your marketing message.  Your target audience are entertained when they discover that by pulling  a card at one end another card ejects simultaneously at the other side. When pushed back in both cards retract together too.  You can have great fun with graphic design to create an impact with a Push and Pull – dimensional direct mail that works.


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