First Class Marketing Products for First Class Response

First Class Marketing – Pop up Ball

Treat your customers and prospects to some first class marketing products that will make the best impression and get you noticed.  These days it is a joy to receive a physical piece of mail rather than an e-shot along with many others.  A creative and interesting marketing product carrying your advertising and marketing message will be remembered long after the e-mail has been deleted and forgotten.   Adding a pop up element to your marketing products will always reward you with first class response.

Marketing – It’s a Wrap

All the pop up products arrive with your customers and prospects compressed inside a wrap. As soon as opened they spring free when least expected.  This action raises a smile and gets your product the topic of conversation instantly.  Incomparable to e-shots that even if read are forgotten in seconds a pop up marketing piece gains maximum focus every time.  The Pop up Box Cuboid is available in many size options and can have pen holes, a printed calendar or a coin slot as part of the overall design too making it a first class marketing idea.

First Class Marketing  Products

A Pop up House is a favourite of mine because it is cute and unusual and takes advertising and marketing to another level.  Coming in three sizes this pitched roof shape can be designed to reflect any building you like and this too can have pen holes or a coin slot for extra novelty value.  A Pop up House will make all the difference to marketing campaigns and will reward you with first class response rates too.

Increase Response with a Pop up Ball

A Pop up Ball will score well for you in your next marketing campaign, this is the closest we can get to a ball with cardboard and works really well. The Pop up Ball is compressed into a zippalope which is a first class mailing wrap with a tear-off section and as torn off your Pop up Ball jumps free immediately.  This too is a shape that can be designed with pen holes and/or a printed calendar.

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