Company Christmas Card Idea – Try a Pop-Up Christmas Gift Box

One of the most important factors in any promotional marketing campaign is that the chosen marketing tool is good enough to get noticed in the first place. If you spend a lot of money producing a leaflet or brochure that arrives on your customer’s desk along with half a dozen others there is a serious danger that it might be a case of throwing money down the drain as they could all end up in the bin hardly without a second glance.

In order to lift your own promotion above the level of the competitions’ then you need to add a wow factor. Our pop up promotional products do exactly that, adding high impact value as soon as the mailer is opened and then proving to be a very interactive product thereafter. What applies in every day promotional circumstances is even more important at Christmas time when the level of mail landing on your customer’s desk is dramatically increased.

Our range of pop up Christmas gift boxes not only create that high instant impact and interactive handling but they also become associated with the positive feelings associated with giving and  receiving Christmas gifts. All of this adds up to our pop up gift boxes being a pretty shrewd choice for your Christmas promotion this year.

From the second it lands at your customer’s desk, the enticing feel of the ‘sleeping’ pop up demands immediate attention and begs to be opened, instantly making it more attractive than the sum of the other standard envelopes that may have arrived there that day.  As the recipient gives in to their curiosity and peels open the wrapper at their desk, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement just as on a Christmas morning as the gift box pop up springs to life.  Instantly taking shape there and then in front of them as if by magic, the pop up captures their full attention drawing them in for a closer inspection and making your Christmas message unmissable and unforgettable.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, our pop up cubes and cuboids are definitely not your run of the mill piece of direct mail and give you the opportunity to really set your campaign apart from your competition.

 Pop up Christmas gift box