Desk-top Display – Visual Marketing that Works

Desk-top Display Keep Your Marketing Visual

Getting your products and services  noticed is easy with desk-top display marketing items. A pen holder or a desk-top calendar makes perfect marketing sense.  Imagine your logo in your customers and prospects eyes  every working day – marketing tactics at their best.

Pen Holders – The “Write” Choice

Every customer you have will use a pen or pencil on a daily basis so what better way to impress them than with a pop up pen holder for their work-station or desk? Choosing from a pop up shape with pen holes as part of the design gives you a desk-top display idea that will go on working for a long time indeed. Visual marketing in a pen holder is a constant reminder to your customers and prospects alike.

Make a Date – Printed Desk-top Display Calendars

In all modern offices you find desks situated in such a way that a desk-top calendar is an essential  tool and a great way to use visual marketing to gain brand recognition.  Whatever format you choose to have your printed calendar on from the desktop calendars range your  marketing product will be viewed as a “gift” and received warmly. If you choose to send your printed calendar throughout the year rather than starting in January your customers and prospects will be impressed too.

Phone Holder – Mobile and Cell Phone Cradle    

The latest desk-top display marketing products to join the range is the Pop up Phone Holder. This phone cradle desk-top promotion piece has a space for a mobile phone, two pen holes and you can have a small calendar attached to the front as well if you wish.  This is a visual marketing idea that will be used on a daily basis and remind your target audience about your products and/or services.

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