Direct Mail Still Works – If you Add A Surprise to your Marketing Products

Extender Card - Proof that Direct Mail Still Works

Extender Card – Proof that Direct Mail Still Works

Direct mail still works as long as you add extra elements to grab attention and make an immediate impact. Letters and plain brochures will not work. With the influx of e-mail marketing your customers and prospects will actually enjoy opening a direct mail package for a change. What do I mean about adding a surprise? I have selected just three products to chat about today.

Extender Card – Interaction and Surprise

The Extender Card is a chunky direct mail piece with its own mailing wrap that stands out in any mail tray. These marketing products almost triple in size as your customers and prospects pull out the card and it keeps coming. Ideal for grabbing attention and with lots of print area this knocks spots off regular business to business postcard formats and letters. This 3-D interactive direct mail item will reward you with increased response rates too.

Push up your Profile – Push up Pen Pot

The Push up Pen Pal is one of my favourite formats of direct mail. Sent out flat it is easily erected in seconds and not only does it carry your marketing message in a novel way it then provides a valuable service as a desk-top tool as well. Marketing products with a dual purpose make direct mail fun and surprising on receipt and then go on to be a constant reminder of your company services and products. E-mails are here today and gone in a second! Push up pen pots are perfect marketing sense.

Dissolve Desk Calendar – Moving Picture

The A6 moving picture tent card can have a printed calendar on one side if you wish so that it is kept on desks and work-stations for a long time. Business desk calendars are a great idea. The surprise element with these marketing products is the moving picture – by pulling the card the image changes – push it back and it goes back to the original image. Direct mail still works if you keep it quirky and captivating.

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