How to economize on gifts without looking cheap – A gift of wine with a bottle bow

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot escape it – news of the credit crunch is everywhere. It seems like the news hounds are desperate to print any point of view that adds to the doom and gloom, even though the message is the same everywhere – prepare for the worst and economize. No doubt the advice is sound but there are certain areas where economizing can rub against the grain. For instance, when it comes to buying a gift, how do you economize without looking like a tight-ass? I have one good suggestion; buy a bottle of wine and a new form of greeting card called a bottle bow.

 For many years, you will have seen different styles of bottle collars, bottle tags and bottle hangers on wine bottles on your supermarket shelves, only they will have been used for advertising purposes just like those featured in our Bottle Boutique. You know the sort of thing, “Buy this bottle of “Paradise Cocktail” and win a chance of a Caribbean Holiday”. Well, bottle collars have taken a giant step forward and now they are available in a much more attractive format as a form of shaped greeting card that actually sits on the gift bottle. This style of bottle collar is called a bottle bow because it looks a little like a bow-tie. So how do these products fit in with an economy drive? Read on!

 Many gift occasions call for just a token gift. It is just to show your appreciation or just to show that you care. As such, there is no need to push the boat out but what can you get for under £5 that doesn’t look cheap. The answer is simple. Visit your local supermarket or your nearest wine store and search for their special offers. There will be many decent bottles of on display at very attractive prices – remember, these are hard times for everyone, including wine merchants and they are desperate to win your custom. Find a suitable bottle that you think will do the trick and then dress up your gift of wine with an attractive bottle bow.

 There is no need to buy a card as the bottle bow will convey the message and there is plenty of room on the bottle bow to write your personal greeting. There is also no need to buy a bottle bag or a gift tag as the bottle bow dresses up your bottle by adding colour and vibrancy to match the celebration. As bottle bows cost much less then either a greeting card or a bottle bag, the economy is plain to see.

 The bottle will be well received and will look the part – the perfect answer to gift buying on a tight budget. Our new range of bottle bows from A Nice Touch will go on general release after a launch at the UK’s Spring Fair at the NEC in early February.

A Bottle Bow