Events Management Ideas – Attention Grabbing Event Invitations are a Must

Recent figures from industry sources such as the Bellwether Report tell us that marketing budgets have taken a pummelling in the first half of 2008 with Events and Direct Marketing being two of the worst hit areas. That is all the more reason why we must ensure that those reduced budgets are made to work hard to ensure that events are successful.

 Promotional print plays a vital role in the success of any event and invitations are no exception. A company taking a stand at an exhibition will pay thousands of pounds for the space, the stand, staff accommodation, travel expenses and entertaining. It is vitally important that the exhibitor makes the most of this expense. The show organizer will be doing their utmost to attract visitors but the exhibitor should also back up this effort by sending out invitations to their own database of customers and prospects.

 Sending a letter is better than nothing but only just. An invitation should be something that demands to be looked at; something that cannot be ignored and something that will help to persuade the addressee to attend. We always advocate sending out a chunky pack in a printed cover as opposed to a white envelope. A pack is always so much more inviting and it will be opened with keen anticipation.

 The invitation itself should be a bespoke affair with clear association with the product or service that is being exhibited. It should also have an attention grabbing device to make sure that it doesn’t end up being ignored. A nice chunky pack with an element of surprise is always a winner.

 We have many products in our range which can be custom printed as a trade show or exhibition invitation – pop up handbags for example would be an ideal way of getting buyers to attend your stand at a fashion exhibition such as Clothes Show Live. The Happy Dogs Card would be ideal if your stand was booked in the trade section of the Crufts show. If your product is a little more obscure – such as engine parts or plumbing spares then an obvious choice would be to go for a universal product such as a pop-up cube which can be printed with just about anything but will capture the attention of your exhibition guest. If you want something a little less “in your face” and with a more sophisticated movement then perhaps a flicker card, “push’n’pull” or a starburst product might be more suitable.

 We welcome calls from customers who are looking for ideas and will be happy to send out samples for consideration. Our product websites now feature videos so that you can see the products in action to help you make a choice.


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