Need Fundraising Collection Boxes? Attention Grabbing Cardboard Money Boxes?

Attention Grabbing Cardboard Money Boxes - Pop up Cubes

The team here are ready for the annual fundraising event; the Macmillan Biggest Coffee Morning and we will be selling cakes and having competitions and getting donations of coins and notes all day once again. If you are involved with a charity or fun raising organisation you will be aware of the need for fundraising collection boxes that grab attention and highlight your cause.  Here are a few ideas for you; attention-grabbing cardboard money boxes to 8increase your awareness.


Pop up Cube – A Safe Bet!

The Pop up Cube dice-shaped charity boxes/cardboard money boxes were added to the range due to customer demand for small but effective attention-grabbing cardboard money boxes. Small they may be but they cannot be ignored and are very effective indeed. Compressed into a cardboard mailing wrap these 75mm cubes bounce free as soon as released and get your message across immediately.


Pop up House – Roof-top Donations

The Pop up House is very eye-catching due to its shape alone and when designed as a charity donation box/fundraising collection boxes these quirky products make excellent additions to charity items. The house shaped attention-grabbing cardboard money boxes will not let you down; they will attract coins and notes and get tongues wagging about your charitable cause or fundraising event.  The more you impress your target audience the more donations and contributions you will receive building foundations for future too.


Pyramid – Prestigious and Self-Assembly

When we think of pyramids we think of Egypt and here are prestigious attention-grabbing cardboard money boxes that won’t take as long to build as the iconic pyramids but will gather much interest from your target audience. Your self-assembly pyramid cardboard money boxes will take 2 – 3 weeks to produce and you will have a dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the process.


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