Hexagonal pop up mailer added to cardboard engineering range

We are pleased to announce a recent addition to our range of pop up mailers –The Hexapop. The new product has been designed using cardboard engineering techniques to create a pop up polyhedron made up of twelve triangular panels which combine to form a hexagonal shape not unlike a jewel in appearance. The fact that it has twelve faces makes the Hexapop a perfect candidate for printing as a calendar with one month per panel and six months per side. The Hexapop is a sturdy construction, made in 500micron folding box board and is litho printed to client specifications.

The product is supplied ready compressed in its own mailing envelope which is also made in board and litho printed. An internal rubber band gives the Hexapop its ability to pop up automatically as soon as the recipient removes it from the envelope. We also offer a mailing service so that the Hexapops can be sent out as soon as they are made which guarantees that the product has the best possible “pop”.

Hexapop - hexagonal pop up mailer