Ideas for Direct Marketing – Interactive Mailers with a Surprise Element

“Interactive” is one of those new words that is used a lot in marketing, but what exactly is an interactive mailer or interactive marketing product?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word ‘interact’ as ‘to communicate or react with’.   Translate this into context of direct marketing then, and an interactive product should be something which communicates your marketing message, but also raises a reaction as it’s message is delivered.  Communicating your message is the simple part; find any product with plenty of space for promotional print and you can put down whatever message you like in plain old ‘black and white’ so to speak.  

So what about the hard part, to raise a reaction whilst delivering your message? Just sending a simple piece of A4 paper doesn’t seem the most stimulating method and is hardly going to get a raised eyebrow never mind raise any kind of reaction from its recipient. Here’s where one of our ‘automatic pop-up’ or ‘changing picture’ products come in to their own. With plenty of space to carry your promotional print and graphics, the additional surprise element of these products is the x-factor needed to raise genuine interest and intrigue from your customer. Even better, once the user has opened the promotional mailing pack and experienced the surprise of the pop-up, the next thing to happen, almost inevitably, is that the pop-up mailer is put back in the pack passed to an unsuspecting colleague, sending your message even further. So when we refer to our promotional products as interactive mailers, that’s what we mean.

Assuming that the advertising and marketing agencies have done their jobs well, the message on the pop up mailer will tie in with what has been described so far. And also assuming that the direct marketing team are sending the pop-up mailer only to serious sales prospects then we have a winning formula for a successful promotional mailing campaign.

To assist with the task of matching a pop up mailer to your promotion, each pop-up product has its own web page which offers suggestions for creative advertising ideas, graphic design ideas, innovative marketing ideas and promotional uses. There is also another page on this site which discusses marketing ideas.

Interactive mailers