Ideas for events management – unforgettable promotional giveaways

We’ve all been to trade shows whether as a visitor or as an exhibitor, and we’ve all had the same experience.  The second you’ve stepped foot through the door a goody bag is being shoved in your hand and as you make your way round each stand that goody bag just grows and grows.  This is because it is well documented that it is no good running a stand at an exhibition or organizing a corporate event without giving the attendees something to remember you by. The only thing is, as we’ve just pointed out, everyone does it. Not only that, but all of the attendees walk out with plastic carrier bags full of freebies and realistically they don’t care what’s printed on it just as long as it was free!

So what good is that? Promotional giveaways are supposed to promote your company – not just fill someone’s desk drawers! Mouse mats, coasters, pens – when the exhibition attendees get back to base they can’t even give the stuff away as everyone else is already overburdened with the same stuff – all of it free as giveaways from other trade shows.

When it comes to your turn to promoting your stand and your company, you firstly need to master the knack to be able to spot the wheat from the chaff. Once you are able to sort out serious prospects from time-wasters and freebie-collectors that’s the time to invite your visitor to accept your handout. If your own product is a fun thing and your guests have a sense of humour then there is no better handout than a pop up product – particularly one with a big impact, a big surprise and a big laugh.

One product which ticks all of these boxes, offers loads of room for promotional print and is not too hard on the marketing budget is the Whitney Woods Jumpinjax.  The product is very simple – a small cardboard pack that has a sliding tray. Pull out the tray and 4 cardboard cubes jump out – but, boy, they don’t half make you jump!  Hand one of these to your visitor whilst he’s on your stand and watch the fun unfold. A real ice-breaker if ever there was one and a surprise that the visitor is unlikely to forget. So much so that the visitor will want another one for his office to try it out on his colleagues. This is interactive marketing instead of handing out “invisible” freebies.