Improve Bottle Promotions and Drinks Marketing Campaigns with Creative Bottle Collars

Moving Picture Bottle Collar - Perfect for Bottle Promotions

Moving Picture Bottle Collar – Perfect for Bottle Promotions

Bottle collars and tags for advertising campaigns for bottles and drinks attract attention and improve sales too. Not just any bottle dressing products though – you need eye-catching designs to grab attention and interactive formats to keep the interest up. Bottle promotions and drinks marketing campaigns can be greatly improved with dimensional and interactive mini brochure style ideas too.


Moving Picture Bottle Collar

The dissolving pictures or moving picture cards are so popular for any marketing scenario that it was only natural that this would evolve into the bottle and drink promotions range too. Slipping easily over bottle necks the Bottle Dissolve as we call it looks very attractive and makes a statement; then as it is lifted off it is very entertaining indeed. By pulling the card the image changes making it easy to portray your message for drinks marketing campaigns and bottle promotions. Sort of now you see this – and then you see this – the perfect cocktail for successful drinks marketing.


“Swatch” this Bottle

The Swatch Card is a familiar format and seen in the textile and paint industries as standard but here is a Bottle Swatch – a perfect way to display your bottle promotions message in an interactive way. The Bottle Swatch hangs over the bottle neck attracting attention and then when it is removed the swatch cards become a very amusing format of drinks advertising indeed. Formed with strong cardboard and fastened with a strong eyelet these are a novel and unusual idea for bottle promotions and have passed the winning post for marketing sports drinks.


Bottle Gift Card Presenter

This format was introduced to the range due to demand for a gift card holder that could be presented with a bottle. However you don’t have to use as a gift card presenter – you can present your business card marketing message in this one too. Once again easily slipped over the bottle neck and very eye-catching and interactive this is a most unusual and attention grabbing format for drinks marketing.


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