Why Lumpy Mail Works

Pop up cube

Lumpy Mail – Attention-Grabbing and Effective

You have to give your prospects and existing customers a memorable experience and something they will not want to throw away.

Whilst here at Whitney Woods we offer many chunky mail products one that ticks all the boxes and is a favourite of mine is the Pop up Cube. This attention-grabbing lumpy mail product comes in four standard sizes; the smallest is 75 mm and the largest is 120 mm. Each cube is compressed into the outer mailing wrap creating a lumpy mail piece. Printed to match the cube inside and three-dimensional makes it very exciting to open.

And this is just the beginning – on opening this intriguing package; the Pop up Cube springs out you gain 100% attention to your marketing message every time.

Direct mail needs to be unusual and  stand out in the mail tray and get people talking. A lumpy mail piece connects with the audience and is often shared with co-workers too extending your profile greatly.

See the websites for more information and to see more testimonials from happy customers like these:

“Whitney Woods has managed to not only create a range of products that excite and engage, but also provide a level of service and quality that is unsurpassed”

“Nicola and the other girls were amazing – helping me through the process of artwork and ensuring that the final product was delivered in time for the conference – even changing the delivery address to assist. Thank you!”