Marketing Communications Need Interaction to Increase Response

Marketing Communications Flicker Cards - Interaction at its Best!

The best marketing communications are the ones that create a memorable experience which is why interactive direct mail and interactive marketing products work so well. By keeping your audience’s hands busy whilst reading your message has a better success rate and increases response dramatically.


Flicker is Quicker

The Flicker Card is an ace up your sleeve for marketing communications in any scenario. The key feature is the inner section that flicks through keeping your customers and prospects entertained whilst they read your “mini brochure”.  Coming in DL and A5 your bespoke Flicker Card will increase response rates greatly as it gets your message across and invariably is picked up again and again due to the novelty format.  This is a “can’t put down” design from the business communication products range gaining immediate interest and keeping it.


Lift the Lid on Marketing Communications

The Cover Dissolve direct mail piece is a great way to lift the lid on interactive marketing communications.  Simply by lifting the cover your customers see a moving picture which is a surprise and keeps them entertained and focussed on your message.  Coming in DL and A5 you can have great fun designing your changing picture to match your marketing project perfectly. You can show your customers and prospects in one easy lift the benefits of your products or services – from this to this / before and after; in fact any message about change.


Add a Touch of Stardust

The Starburst Fold is a fold that pops up like a flower coming into bloom and is very interactive and appealing.  I like the A6 Starburst but you can choose from multiple sizes and you can even have more than one pop up starburst fold in your marketing communications if you wish.


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