Novelty Money Boxes for Charities and Fund Raising

Pop Up Novelty Money Boxes - House-shaped

Pop Up Novelty Money Boxes – House-shaped

Novelty money boxes grab attention and empty purses and pockets quickly and easily. Cardboard collection boxes add a novelty value to your fund raising campaigns and get you noticed. For a one off charity appeal or a long running fund raising project cardboard money boxes make an impact and increase donations too.
Pop up House Money Box
The Pop up House as we call it is a pitched roof cardboard money box and with clever graphics can be designed to depict any building at all. Or it can be designed to reflect homes and home comforts too. Whatever you decide is the best path to go down for your Pop up House charity donation box /collection box you can rest assured that then novelty money boxes will build foundations for lots of extra donations and get people talking about your appeal. Popping up and into shape as they are removed from the wraps is just the icing on the cake – full of surprise every time.
Pop up Cuboid Cardboard Collection Box
The Pop up Cuboid is more traditional in shape but still packs a punch. Simply design eye-catching and poignant artwork for these charities and fund raising collection boxes and they will do all the work for you. These novelty money boxes also spring free as soon as released from the outer wrap which grabs immediate attention and cash.
Pyramid Shape Money Box
In this case the novelty money boxes are self-assembly. Supplied flat they are easily put together in seconds into the eye-catching and unusual pyramid shape. A pyramid is always a shape that conjures up images of treasure and grandeur which is why it is always successful and profitable for charity marketing. Fund raising appeals and campaigns benefit from cardboard money boxes that appeal to people and extract cons and notes easily.

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