Paper engineering, Cardboard engineering and Creative Marketing Ideas

Our pop-up and interactive mailers are extremely popular when you are looking for ‘something different’ for a direct mailing campaign or exhibition hand out.  The success of our products is down to one main magic ingredient known as Cardboard Engineering. The various products may look quite complex and impressive, but by adopting a common-sense approach to the cardboard engineering content within our range, we have managed to avoid many production pit-falls. This is why we adopt this same approach when being asked if we can produce paper engineering masterpieces – also known as commercial nightmares. Sometimes simple is best, and this is definitely one of those instances, so our advice would be keep it simple – keep it affordable.

Having said that we like to keep things simple, we encourage your suggestions to add creative cardboard engineering mechanisms to any of our promotional products as your own creative ideas can change the whole concept of a promotional pop-up. Take our own compliments slip for example, 2 simple folds and 1 cut transform this very standard product completely, and the end result is something really different that really reflects what we are about here at Whitney Woods.  Another product which benefits from a very similar design is our recently released Pocketina product. Please remember though it is easy to get carried away and if you make it over elaborate you can double the cost of your job without doubling the sales impact, which doesn’t make sense.  Please feel free to browse our website for inspiration.

Pocketina - promotional pocket media