People Trust Direct Mail – Increase Response Rates

Of course we are all aware of the term “junk mail” but these days it refers to digital mail rather than direct mail.

Direct mail still reaches large audiences who will not open e-mail correspondence from people they do not trust or know. It is easy to delete or ignore an on-line advertisement or message whereas a mailed item even from an unknown source will be opened; especially when it is appealing and instigates curiosity. In turn this can significantly increase your response rates.

These days there is something very personal and exciting about receiving an item of direct mail. There is less competition in the mail tray which makes your item stand out and be counted every time. You do need to make your direct mail interesting to read though, a simple letter or flyer is not enough.

One idea that grabs attention is the Extender Card. This is a card that is sent out in a chunky mailing wrap so it rises to the top of the mail tray immediately. To read the full message your audience discover that they need to pull the card and it keeps on coming. Almost three times its original size it gives you a large print area for your marketing message too.

Chris from Call Media had this to say: “Very pleased with the customer service, Sharon was excellent. The whole production was handled very well from start to finish thanks

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