Pop up Cardboard Money Boxes – Attract Attention and Donations

Pop up Cardboard Money Boxes - Attract Attention and Donations!

For your fund raising appeal or charity campaign you need pop up cardboard money boxes to highlight your cause and attract more donations.  Every penny counts and to encourage people to part with their hard-earned cash you need attention-grabbing tactics. The pop up money boxes are novel and unusual which is why they grab immediate attention and extract coins and notes for your charity or fund raiser easily.


Pop up House – Roof-top Contributions

The Pop up House novelty charity donation box is a quirky and attractive shape; delivered in a mailing wrap the money box is compressed which means that it leaps out when least expected and raises a smile every time. Opening up the door for a successful fund raising or charity appeal this is my favourite of all the pop up money box range. You too can take this window of opportunity and incorporate your design to reflect your mission.


Pop up Cuboid – Stylish Cardboard Money Box

The Pop up Cuboid collection box is a more traditional money box shape, a rectangular box that is also sent to your target audience in a chunky mailing wrap. As soon as opened your customised Pop up Cuboid Money Box springs out and into shape grabbing attention in an unrivalled way. This action is not only amusing, it creates a talking point with friends and colleagues too and gets hands in pockets for contributions straight away.  Another box shape recently added to the pop up cardboard collection box range is the Pop up Cube; this is smaller and holds less money but the surprise element for your recipients is exactly the same.


Self-assembly and Cost-Effective Cardboard Money Collection Boxes

Your budget may be tight and the self-assembly money and collection boxes may be your preferred choice.  These are sent to your target audience flat and are easily erected in seconds.  The self-assembly cuboid cardboard collection box has been joined by the pyramid shape and the hexagonal push up money box designs.


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