Printed promotional calendars with pop-up action – great direct marketing idea

Sending a calendar as part of a direct marketing campaign isn’t necessarily the most original idea, but what about if that calendar also happens to turn into a pen holder – now that is something a bit different, doubling the chances of your marketing product and more importantly your marketing message being kept by your customer!

Pretty well any shape in our 3-D range can be printed as a desk top calendar and many of them can be adapted for use as pen holders. We have reproduced just a few regular choices on this site just to give you the idea but if you want something different just ask!

To date we have successfully given the ‘pen pot calendar’ treatment to our Ball, Cube, Castle, House, Pen Pals and Pyramids, and the beauty with all of these products is that they all have an automatic pop up action which adds to their attraction as a promotional direct mail item.

Each one of the products that is suitable for use as a desk top calendar starts life as a blank sheet of board which gives you the opportunity to create a totally unique marketing product. You can print the whole thing with whatever you want.

We publish this blog of marketing ideas on a daily basis but if you would like to see some more ideas just click right here – more marketing ideas.

Promotional desk top calendar