Promotional pocket-sized products – pocket sized marketing ideas

This genre of pocket-sized products was devised to meet a need for portable promotional print at events such as exhibitions, seminars and conferences where floor plans or event listings needed to be big enough to carry decent amounts of information but at the same time be small enough that people could keep them at hand throughout the event for easy reference.

Pocket-sized products started as a really good marketing idea which grew in popularity in the 90’s with the introduction of a variety of credit card sized products and pretty well covers any item of advertising print that can fit in your pocket, purse or handbag. We have chosen seven of our promotional advertising products for inclusion in this category, each one of which offers a different style of movement, pop-up action or shape. The sizes of these advertising products range from credit card size to A7 to A6 – any larger and they are too big to fit in your pocket.

The credit card starburst is approx 85 x 53mm when closed making it easily small enough to go in someone’s pocket purse or wallet, however the 2 panel cover opens to reveal a much larger 162 x 105mm starburst panel within, allowing much more room for promotional print.  The starburst is also available in A6 size and the inner in this product grows to 210 x 297mm when opened.  This product can be produced with a 3 or 4 panel cover offering even more room for information and instructions to be printed.  Another member of the Starburst family which falls in to the pocket media genre is the Tripleburst.  Measuring 85 x 115mm closed, this product opens to reveal not one but THREE bursts measuring approx 210mm x 150mm.

The most popular credit card sized advertising product in our range though would probably be the Foldilocks Card. This is a concertina-folded item which is over 400mm long when unfolded but it is quickly folded down to a very nifty credit card sized piece of pocket media. Promotional swatch cards can be made to order in what ever size that you require but the most popular size that we do is definitely a credit card sized swatch. These promotional advertising cards are colleted together and fastened in one corner with a metal eyelet so that they splay out like a fan. We also make a cute little Starburst as a credit card sized product. These have been produced most often as invitations and as town guides.

Pocket Media - Foldilocks