Versatility is the Key to Successful Events Marketing Products

One of the qualities that we look for in a product before it is included in The Events Emporium is versatility. Some products are quite specific and “pigeon holed” such as our excellent Happy Dogs Card and can be used only for quite specific events and so we need to balance that with the inclusion of a few “Jacks of all Trades”. One such product is our Picture Dissolve.

The Picture Dissolve is an excellent idea for events as it can act as many different things. The attraction of the picture dissolve is in the action. The main image is displayed in a window but pull a tab at one end and the picture changes with a dissolving action. This grabs the user’s attention and guarantees that the product is noticed, making it ideal as an event invitation or exhibition invitation.

Let’s say that the event was a new product launch; the original frame might say “Come and see our great new product” with a product picture and the second frame might say “At our UK-wide Road Show” with details of the event.

The Dissolving Picture comes in a variety of sizes – A6, DL and A5 – and can also be produced as a single sleeve or as a 4-page product. It can also be made with two windows which gives the product the versatility that you need in an event publicity product. For example, the 4-page version could be perforated so that the tear-off portion could be a reply card to confirm attendance at the event. The dissolver also makes a great product information product to act as an exhibition handout or trade show giveaway.

The Picture Dissolve Events Publicity Product