Watch your drinks promotion grow with our Foldilocks bottle media product

If you’re looking at running a promotional campaign for your drinks product in order to build brand loyalty then you’ll need to find a promotional product that is easy to attach to your drinks bottle and has plenty of room for your campaigns promotional message.  Our promotional product, the Foldilocks Bottle Hanger, could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Standard on-bottle promotional items generally offer little opportunity to build any form brand loyalty or to stretch an offer out over a period of weeks – after all, how much information can you get on one bottle hanger? This is where the Foldilocks bottle hanger comes in to its own.  Based on the Foldilocks in our pocket media range, this bottle hanger also offers numerous pages which extend out in a concertina fashion giving you plenty of space for your promotional message.

When closed the concertina fold makes for a sturdy little package that is satisfying to hold and tempting to open, but best of all it’s compact size means it’s easy enough to keep handy in a handbag or wallet after it’s been read so your customer can choose to keep your marketing message with them.  This makes it an ideal candidate for promotional bottle media.

If you would like to see samples for this product please click on samples.

Foldilocks Bottle Media