Event Industry Marketing Ideas for Outdoor Events and Festivals


Mini Brochures – Perfect Event Industry Marketing Idea

So the Summer months are with us and if you are in the event industry you will be busy planning outdoor events and festivals. If you are looking for marketing ideas you may wish to see the range we have to offer from practical venue guides through to fun and attention-grabbing face masks. For inspiration you may like to check out business communication product overview.  I have selected just a few ideas here to chat about today.





Venue Guides – Location Maps 

An essential part of any event industry arsenal to give to visitors to outdoor events and festivals is a venue guide. Everyone travels light and bulky location maps and information leaflets are old hat. You need pocket-sized marketing ideas for your venue guides from the mini brochures range. From the Starburst which adds a flamboyance to event industry marketing to the Foldilocks which has perforated panels that are ideal to issue discount and loyalty coupons there is a format ideal for every event.




Face Masks – Interactive and  Plain to See

Face masks are perfect marketing ideas for outdoor events and festivals.  Suitable to host a photograph, a cartoon, a company mascot or an animal they make perfect marketing sense and create a talking point too.  All the face masks are supplied with white strong elastic and as standard are made from an A4 platform.  You can, however have a partial mask – an eye mask for instance.  These event promotion ideas add a touch of fun to event industry marketing for trade shows and road shows too.

A Face Mask creates a talking point and adds a touch of fun to outdoor events

A Face Mask creates a talking point and adds a touch of fun to outdoor events

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