Events Marketing Ideas with an Extra Wow Factor to Get you Noticed

Events Marketing - Extra Wow Factor and Desk-top Reliability

Events marketing needs to be attractive and appealing, attention-grabbing and get you and your event noticed. Relying solely on digital formats is not enough, you need physical pieces that pack a punch and create a memorable impact. Event invitations need to be unusual and interactive and give-aways need to be interesting and novel to ensure that they are kept.


Pop up Invitations – Easy Events Marketing

The pop up products make events marketing easy. Compressed into mailing wraps they  jump out as soon as released by your guests/attendees. How many other products gain ultimate audience focus in seconds?  E- mails and social media posts simply cannot compete with the wow factor from the pop up products. Ideal for invitations and/or give-aways the pop up products come in all shapes and sizes and can even be custom-made.  Some have small boxes popping out of a sleeve like a Christmas cracker effect – the Jumpinjax events promotion piece is particularly effective and great fun to design and send as pop up invitations.


Phone Holder – Connecting with your Attendees

The Pop up Phone Cradle desktop promotion for business is a 3-in-1 pop up product that is perfect for events marketing. Whether you choose to design it as an invitation to an event or as a give-away you know that it will keep recipients engaged as it sits on desks and work-stations proudly promoting your company and serving as a useful desk-top tool. We call it a 3-in-1 product because it is a mobile phone cradle with two pen holes as standard and an optional calendar affixed too. Ideal for desk-top advertising in the form of events marketing too.


Starburst – Bursting with Potential

The Starburst Fold is events marketing at its best – the Starbursts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and even double starburst options and is ideal to design as a pocket-sized plan They are very flamboyant making them perfect events marketing ideas for invitations and give-aways.  They all open up like flowers coming into bloom and my personal favourite is the Circular Starburst which I think looks very attractive indeed.


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