“And they’re off” Your Direct Mail Races Past and Gets the Attention

Racing past the finishing post – the Extender Card

It’s racing season and all the runners and riders will be getting ready for Royal Ascot next week. you can get your direct mail pieces first past the finishing post by choosing interactive and attention-grabbing formats that are odds-on favourites with your contacts.

Extender Card – Extra Furlong  

The Extender Card pull out card  for instance goes the extra furlong to impress as it almost triples in size by pulling the card out.  This really does go the distance with lots of print area and an interactive and appealing design.  Direct mail of this calibre is championship breed and will increase your audience exposure and response rates greatly.


Pop up Handbag – Bags a Winner

We call this design a Pop up Handbag but in reality you can design it as any bag at all – bags are not just for Ladies Day they can be used as impressive direct mail items all year round.  Recently artwork was designed so that the Pop up Handbag resembled a carrier bag and it was sent out as a direct mail advertising piece for an Exhibition.  Feedback was to prove that this had been no gamble and had paid off greatly.


A Firm Favourite – Pop up Diamond

You can add a bit of bling to your jockey silks with a Pop up Diamond as a direct mail piece. I love this pop up product; it is very novel and can even have metallic loop attached so that it can be hung up in offices and work-places. As with all the pop up mail your unique and attention-grabbing Pop up Diamond is compressed inside a mailing wrap and it erupts into shape as soon as released.


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