Entertaining Promotional Mailings Get Most Attention

Interloop Mailers - Entertaining Promotional Mailings

Interloop Mailers – Entertaining Promotional Mailings

Your customers and prospects will be delighted to receive your entertaining promotional mailings; they will be such a refreshing change from the in-flux of e-mails clogging up their in-box these days. Making your direct mail marketing amusing and entertaining gets your message across, gets you noticed and raises a smile every time.


Loop the Loop

Here is a star product for entertaining promotional mailings that surprise and amuse and will be picked up again and again. Keeping hands busy is a proven way to ensure that direct mail marketing works and the Interloop Mailer interactive mailer certainly keeps your customers and prospects hands busy – time and time again. Coming in four sizes your Interloop Mailer requires the reader to tumble over the product again and again and this high interaction gets your message across.


Jack in a Box Mailer – Jump to It

The Jack in a Box Mailer is a series of pop up cubes joined together with your choice of artwork and die-cut piece to form that pop up piece. Recent success stories include a Chinese Dragon and a Rocket. Choosing from the standard size or a bespoke size this is attention-grabbing at its best. Entertaining promotional mailings really do get most attention and knock spots off digital marketing formats.


Predictive Text?

The Fortune Teller is a folded product that for those of us of a certain age may remember from the playground days at school predicts the future. For cost effective and entertaining promotional mailings I predict successful results from the Paper Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher as it is known. You can have great fun with this novelty design – of course it is best not to include forfeits like we did when we were children.

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