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Effective Advertising - Extending Telescopic House

In this new age of social media and technology you may think that direct mail is “old hat”; I was at a function last week where a Financial Director (and we all know how they like to save their pennies) told me that he always favours direct mail for greater response rates every time.  Direct mail is definitely not “old hat” even though the fashions have changed somewhat.  Perhaps you need to give your direct mail wardrobe a “make-over” and throw out all the pamphlets and letters and design a new collection which includes effective interactive products?


Telescopic Box – Extended Vision for Advertising Direct Mail 

The Telescopic Box is a very impressive and novel form of advertising direct mail and is one of the best attention-grabbing and interactive products.  This product is very versatile; with an inner that extends to almost 720 mm in length giving you a huge print area for your marketing message! This is a catwalk advertising direct mail product if ever I saw one.  You can even add a small sample to the “box within a box” design if your product is suitable.  Rather like the Doctor Who scarf this one just goes on and on!


Changing Images – Perfect for Grabbing Attention

The Dissolving Picture range are changing images and are novel interactive products that require a great level of interactivity to see the pictures change.  The Cover Dissolve is a favourite of mine; the picture changes simply by lifting the cover……and your customers and prospects will lift the cover again and again. Since there are different sizes to choose from in this range there is always the perfect design and size for your next advertising direct mail campaign.  Simply by bringing your direct mail bang up to date and on trend you can achieve better response rates!


Trendy Little Number – JumpinJax

The Jumpinjax interactive product is from the popupmailers range and offers an unusual way to convey a message to your customers. Four small pop up cubes jump out when the tray is released which is very entertaining and grabs immediate attention.  Effective advertising direct mail success is guaranteed with this bouncy and creative format.


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