Keep it Visual with Eye-catching Desk-top Advertising Ideas

Pen Holder - Desk-top Advertising Makes Sense

Pen Holder – Desk-top Advertising Makes Sense

With Christmas only weeks away desk-top advertising ideas are in production more than ever here at the Whitney Woods ranch. Pen Holders, Calendars, Phone Holder and Money Boxes are all keeping us busy. The reason for this is the fact that to keep your company details in focus there is no better way and a festive gift is also very warmly received.


Calendar Fun – Get Fruity with Dates

A printed calendar is a must-have every day tool which makes keeping it visual easy. Desk-top advertising with calendars is great fun and you can choose from many versions and formats too. You can highlight dates of a Trade Show or particular event connected with your company and personalise the product totally. You can have pop up or self-assemble desk calendar to carry your desk-top advertising product straight to your customers and prospects desks.


Potty Pen Pots – Perfect Marketing Sense

A pen pot is something that is used every working day which makes perfect marketing sense. All your customers and prospects will use a pen pot daily so why not make it one with your company logo and details on? You can choose a pop up design that is sent out compressed and springs into shape when released or a push up one that is sent out flat and easily erected when received. You can even choose an unusual shape for your desk-top pen holders  – the Pop up Pyramid for instance holds the pens in place in one face – like a wine rack and is very novel.


Money Money Money

A money box is another novel way to send desk-top advertising. The cardboard money collection boxes are not just for charity and fund-raising campaigns they are popular for B2B promotions too. You can keep it visual and encourage saving up for an occasion, or send as a fines box or swear box for instance.


For more desk-top advertising ideas, to chat to our team on line or order samples see popupmailers too