Fundraising Collection Boxes that Grab Attention – and Donations

Fundraising Collection Boxes with Extra Oomph Get Results

To make sure that your fundraising appeal or charity gets the most donations possible you need money boxes that are eye-catching and effective.  You need to grab attention immediately and the cardboard pop up money boxes do that every time. Extracting cash and notes from people is easy with these novel and unusual designs, I have chosen a couple of options here, however the full range can be viewed here business communication product overview.


Pop up House – Quirky and Fun

This is one of my favourite formats due to its novel shape and eye-catching qualities; the Pop up House shaped  collection tins.  These are fundraising collection boxes that you can design to depict a building of any sort. Sent or given to your donors they are compressed into mailing wraps and spring out and into shape as soon as released. This is charity marketing and fundraising that is quirky and fun and gets results every time.


Pop up Cube – New Kid on the Block

The new kid on the block in the pop up fundraising collection boxes is the Cube.  This dice-shaped format is a safe bet every time; it may be the smallest in size but really packs a punch and holds plenty of coins and notes too. The action of the Pop up Cube Money Charity Box erupting and gaining shape in front of your donors gets people talking and emptying their pockets and purses straight away.


Other Money Boxes are Available – Self Assembly Options  

In addition to the Pop up Money Box range there are also some self-assembly fundraising collecting boxes that are flat and easily erected in seconds.

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