Cardboard Money Collection Boxes Generate More Income


Hexagonal Cardboard Money Collection Box – Lots of print area and holds lots of coins

Novelty cardboard money collection boxes can help you to reach your fundraising target. Charity and fundraising appeals are getting harder and harder these days and you need to attract attention and empty pockets and purses which is why you need a novel money box design.

When you want to reach a new audience with cardboard money boxes this is a fun and rewarding way and gets people talking about your charity.

My favourite is the hexagonal push up self-assembly charity collection box because the shape alone gives you a large printing area.  You can include your charity marketing and logos as part of the overall design. These cardboard money collection boxes stand very tall and cannot be missed and the six sides gives you lots of artwork options. You can even take the opportunity to add a printed calendar as part of your design.

This product is also available as a desk-top pen pot should you wish to add a pen holder to your charity marketing armoury rather than a money box.

Given to people or sent out by mail flat this product is easily erected in seconds and starts working straight away. If you choose to send out as a direct mail piece it is cost-effective to post too.

In addition to the hexagonal shape we have a house, a cuboid, a pyramid, a treasure chest  and a cube in the self-assemble style cardboard money boxes and we have a variety of pop up options too. (The pop up cardboard collection boxes are compressed into a wrap and jump out as soon as released.)

More information, prices and samples are available by contacting the friendly team here anytime by telephone, e-mail or live chat via the website during UK office hours